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About Me

Ink painting of four monkeys playing by Zhang Qi

I am a PhD candidate in anthropology at Harvard University.

I investigate foodways and home cooking through the historical archaeology of the Chinese diaspora.

In other words, I combine archival research, oral history, and archaeological science to look at choices and changes in how people eat as they make homes around the world.

Current Projects:

Selected Publications and Presentations

Contact me if you don’t have access and would like a copy.

  • Fong, Kelly N., Laura W. Ng, Jocelyn Lee, Veronica L. Peterson, Barbara L. Voss. 2022. “Race and Racism in the Archaeology of Chinese American Communities.” Annual Review of Anthropology 51(1):233-250.
  • Peterson, Veronica 2019
    Remembering the Forgotten Chinese Railroad Workers: Archaeologists help modern descendants of Chinese railroad laborers commemorate their ancestors” in SAPIENS.
  • Peterson, Veronica 2020
    “Community Collaboration is Commemoration at the Arboretum Chinese Labor Quarters” presented at the 2020 Society for Historical Archaeology Conference on Historical and Underwater Archaeology in Boston, MA.

Technical Report Editing and Design

I am available to design and edit archaeological project publications and technical reports (see the Cangdong Village Project for examples). Please email me for more information. My CV is here.

Formerly in trust and investment management. Bird lover. All illustrations were drawn by my grandmother, Zhang Qi.